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7 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You


The other day I talked to a woman in a frustrating situation. She had a giant crush on a co-worker named Aaron, who was cute and with whom she shared a lot in common. However, their relationship hadn’t progressed beyond saying “hi” in the hallway and an occasional conversation during break.

In general, he kept to himself and was shy. Because he was quiet, she asked the question to herself: is he uninterested or just shy? It was frustrating because she had dated extroverted guys in the past.

You might know a guy like Aaron. You have feelings for him and want to date him, but his shyness holds you back. Or maybe you’re fairly close to him, but you wonder if his failure to make the first move is shyness or lack of romantic interest. This article will go over the signs a shy guy likes you.

As a dating coach who works with shy men, I can tell you the signs to look for to determine how he really feels about you! So, here are the signs.

1. Body Language Signs

As with the case of Aaron, the biggest problem when dealing with introverted guys is that you can’t rely on their words to guide you in whether or not they like you. So, what can you do? You can look at their body language towards you!

Body language is mostly given and received subconsciously. So, this means that the shy guy in your life might not be able to share his feelings towards you verbally, but he might be sending you extreme messages through his body language. Unconscious communication is usually far more honest than spoken words.

But, you might either be missing those cues or second guessing yourself. These are body language signs a shy guy likes you. Look for them and you can see what he’s really thinking.

2. Open And Engaging

A general rule of body language is that if the person’s body is open, he or she is open to you, but a closed body means a closed attitude. So, look at the shy man’s body and see how he looks when he’s around you. The “around you” part is key since body language changes quickly and is situational.

If you hang around him and his body seems open, it’s a good sign he likes you in some capacity. This means open arms, spread out legs, smiling, and relaxed. Closed body language is crossed arms and legs, frowning, and a hunched over look.

In addition, engaging body language is a positive sign that he likes you. The biggest sign of an engaging body is leaning in when you talk and pointing his body in your direction. If, however, he is leaning away when he talks, plays with his phone, and points towards someone else, he’s probably not too interested.

3. Eye Contact

Have you ever looked at something amazing and beautiful? You can’t help but stare! It’s a basic fact of human nature that we look at what we like. It’s not even all that easy to fight it. It just happens.

Written by Jonathan Bennett

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