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6 Signs A Guy Likes You,But Is Trying Not To Show It

Dating can be so annoying. You like a guy and it seems that he likes you. But, he won’t come out and be direct. Are you just friends? Does he want more? If only you could read the signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it.

The games people play when dating can be extremely frustrating, especially when you want to know the truth so you can either commit or move on!

The good news is that even if a guy is playing hard to get or trying to hide his intentions, you can read the signs. This article will look at signs a guy likes you, but is trying to hide it. As a dating coach and a guy, here’s the inside scoop to get to the truth.

1.Body Language Signs

The guy you like might be holding back for various reasons. Perhaps he’s afraid of commitment. Or, maybe he’s playing games because he thinks it will make you like him more. Regardless, if he’s holding back his true feelings with his words, you can look to his body for answers.

The wonderful thing about body language is that most body language signs are given subconsciously. So, he might be trying to conceal his true thoughts with his words, but his body language tells the true story of his feelings. These next three indicators are great signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it.

2. Openness

In general, open body language means openness to you. This means uncrossed arms, uncrossed legs, smiling, and being relaxed when he’s around you. The opposite would be crossed arms and legs and seeming boxed in and hunched over. Those are signs he’s uncomfortable around you.

Don’t plan the wedding just yet. This open posture isn’t necessarily a sign he likes you romantically, but it does mean he at least likes you on some level and is comfortable around you. It might just be “as friends” but openness is a great start to your quest to determine his true feelings.

3. Eye Contact

If we like something, we want to see more of it. So, if he’s giving you a lot of eye contact, it’s a good sign that he likes you. This can happen in two ways.

First, see if he stares at you. If you catch him staring when he thinks you aren’t looking, especially “checking you out,” then he’s admiring your looks.

Written by Jonathan Bennett

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