5 Reasons Why Younger Women Attracted To Older Men

5 Reasons Why Younger Women Attracted To Older Men

Are you a woman who finds older men attractive romantically, sexually, or both? Or, if you happen to be a young man, who finds it rather annoying or even frustrating to some extent that women of your age bracket are often fascinated and allured to a great extent by men who are much older to them, quite higher up in the age bracket. These men have strong competition to offer to guys who are younger to them in age. Why does it happen that women are attracted to men, who are seemingly way out of their league when it comes to age bracket?

It is clearly no doubt that women are attracted to older men, and the reasons are several and valid enough. The older man younger woman relationships are common enough occurrences, in fact, we can see these relationships often last for years, if not decades.

As long as two people are happy and satisfied in a consensual adult relationship, the age difference between them should not pose a problem, be it a younger woman older man relationship or the vice-versa, i.e., older woman younger man relationship.

Let us find out a few of the reasons why the relationships between older men and younger women work so well in the first place:

1. Evolution:

Our society has conditioned us to a state of thinking where it is generally believed that older men younger women relationships work well, and this is usually seen in marriages as well – in most of the cases there is a slight age gap, and the man is seen to be older to the woman – may be a bit or quite a lot. Ever since the evolution of mankind as a species, women generally look up to men, who are elder to them as able creatures who provided them shelter, food, and protection- we are talking of the time of hunter-gatherers here.

Survival depended on a guy’s maturity, social status, strength, and the ability to provide. The life experience that an older man had, further made him more appealing because this was a man who was dependable in the direst of situations. All these traits made an older man much more attractive to a younger woman, who knew in her heart that the older man would be able to better support her and care for her.

2. Power and Status:

Some men might think that appearing attractive in front of women is the primary way of making sure that they give you the place of most importance – perhaps the place of a lover or a spouse possibly. While physical appearance is important and possibly one of the initial factors that determine the attractiveness of a person, it is certainly not the final factor that makes the cut. The older the man is, the more likely he is to offer a position of power and social status to his woman. All women instinctively know that, and this is probably one of the main reasons women are more attracted to their bosses or men in an authoritative position in comparison to their peers and co-workers.

3. Wealth and Resources:

A guy is much more likely to get a date, for power and social status can make him much more attractive to women, for the simple reason that women feel much more secure and comfortable about their future when they are with a much older guy, who is most probably in his 30s or even 40s. This guy is likely to have climbed up both the corporate and social ladder with the passing of time and probably has experienced much more in his lifetime than a relatively younger guy in his 20s has. It is not like a younger guy who is in his 20s is not capable of earning as much as his counterpart, who is perhaps a decade or older to him, but his lack of life experience will still remain his minus point.

A guy in his 30s or 40s is more likely to be experienced with success and knows how to deal with success properly. He is much more likely to have a mature bent of mind and knows how to handle people and dynamics in his life. This maturity is something women are likely to be attracted to and greatly appreciate.

4. In the bedroom:

The older man is likely to provide pleasure to a woman in bed much better than younger men, simply because they are likely to have experienced more in life and know how to turn a woman on, better. An older guy also knows the female anatomy better and is likely to apply this knowledge to satisfy his woman to the best of his capability. These qualities make him even more irresistible to women, particularly those who are much younger to him in age because they are unlikely to have experienced such awesome sex before from relatively younger men who are not that experienced.

5. Maturity:

As discussed above, older men are likely to have a more mature bent of mind, simply because of the life experiences they have had and the amount of knowledge they have attained from the same. The maturity of older men, their wealth and resource management, as well as their way of dealing with the situation if any problem arises is worth learning from and women admire this quality very much. It enhances the charisma of the man in their eyes and makes him an appealing individual to them.

Therefore, the aforementioned factors are what commonly make an older man appealing and attractive to a younger woman. Younger women are emotionally and romantically attracted to a man who is of a stable frame of mind, someone who can support them financially and emotionally and provide them a secure future. Older men younger women relationships work very well due to the same.

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Written by Alecia Bennett

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