3 Science Backed Reasons Why People Find Bald Man Highly Attractive

3 Science Backed Reasons Why People Find Bald Man Highly Attractive

If someone told you that baldness is highly attractive in men, you’d probably laugh at them so hard that your stomach would start hurting. However, as it turns out, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve noticed a receding hairline or thinning hair – it may even make you sexier. A recent study done by the Pennsylvania University showed that people find men with shaved heads to be more dominant than a man with similar physical attributes but with hair.

The ladies may find this strange but there’s a scientific reason to why bald men are considered sexier, more attractive and with higher confidence level than their hairy rivals and these reasons make a valid point.

The study we refer to has discovered that people perceive bald men differently than men with receding hairlines or those with a full set of hair. Baldness is not just a feature of old people anymore, nowadays even men who have lush hair decide to shave their heads for style and image. Why? Because women seem to be more attractive to bald men and they find them sexier. If you’re one of the people who find all of this hard to believe below you’ll find the 3 science-backed reasons to why bald men are considered more attractive.

3 Main reasons why bald men are perceived as more attractive

If you accept your baldness and wear it with pride your confidence level skyrockets

The number one physical appearance concern all men face in their 30ties (or earlier) is the receding hairline or thinning hair. Most of them try their best to cover their bald patches or even ignore it, but it nevertheless undermines their confidence. This study has shown that the easiest way to accept the fact that you’re getting bald is to simply shave everything off. Once you do it, you’ll accept the fact that you’re balding and this will bring about a new wave of confidence.


And with confidence come the ladies! Confidence may very well be the sexiest thing in a person, man or woman, and many believe it’s the crucial thing in attraction as well. Women especially find confidence attractive and nothing screams confidence like a man who’s just shaved off his entire head. It means that the man is not afraid to show his age and his flaws and know that he’ll still be attractive to the opposite sex even without his hair.

A bald head puts your face into the light

The hair is often the first thing we notice in a person, even though we might not be aware of it. We may be looking at one’s face but all we see is their hairstyle. That’s why we’re prone to labeling people as the blondie or the redhead, it’s the first thing that stays in our memory. However, if a man has no hair, women would look straight at their face and notice much more about him than just his hair. They will look at his eyes, which is crucial when it comes to establishing a connection. Eye contact is the most powerful body language in existence and many studies say that when done properly it shows your confidence and makes you more attractive.

Motherly instincts

And lastly, there’s a theory that bald men remind women of babies and their maternal instincts kick in whenever they’re in the presence of a man with a shaved head. This doesn’t mean that bald men are less attractive because they’re seen as babies, it just means that on a deeper level women feel an instant connection.

Looking at a man with a shaved head makes the woman feel endeared to him and this initial connection can jumpstart a conversation and grow into a genuine attraction. However, this is just a theory, but still, it may be one of the reasons why women feel more attracted to bald men.

3 Science Backed Reasons Why People Find Bald Man Highly Attractive


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