15 Pictures Of Animals Taken Before And After They Grew Up Together

What can be better than having a friend? Having a best friend to grow up with! And it doesn’t matter whether they have spikes or whether they can fly or swim, animals of different species really can become best friends.

A team at Bright Side put together 15 charming photos that prove animals can be BFFs too. No matter how diverse or strange it might seem, A BFF is a BFF.

I feel like they should make a Disney movie for each of these photos!

Cat Rosie and her Huskies


Rosie was found on the street in California when she was a tiny sick kitten. Siberian huskies Lilo, Infinity, and Miko took Rosie under their wing and have seemingly helped to nurse her back to health. The family also has two rabbits and four other cats, and all of them, according to the owners, are good friends.

Cats Thick and Thin

These charming kittens were found in the garden when they were only a few days old. Now they are grown up but still do everything together. What they do particularly well is eat, sleep, and play around.

Pet fox Juniper with Moose the dog

A pet fox and a dog have been best friends since the day they met, when Moose’s owner rescued Juniper and brought her home. Moose, who was also rescued at a very young age, accepted Juniper’s friendship immediately.

Hedgehog Biddy and dog Charlie


Spikes aren’t an obstacle to friendship. Biddy, the traveling hedgehog, and his friend, Charlie, have been together for five happy years now and have experienced a lot of adventures.

Darren and Phillip, the English Staffordshire Bull Terriers


Though these adorable puppies are not real brothers, they are exactly alike. Surprisingly, unlike most dogs, Darren and Phillip like to wear baby clothes.

Miniature pig Olive, two bulldogs, and a Boston terrier


A tiny pig named Olive has grown up with Tilly the British bulldog, a Boston terrier called Alfie, and Lola, a French bulldog. It seems Olive thinks she is a dog too.

Pumpkin the raccoon and her dog friends



The two dogs’ owner found a month-old baby raccoon in her backyard. The raccoon was abandoned by her mom and broke one of her hind legs. The woman took the furry creature to her home where Pumpkin soon became friends with two dogs, Oreo and Toffee.

A rat called Riff and dog Osiris


Written by Bugler