15 Brutally Honest Phases Of A Man Falling In Love

15 Brutally Honest Phases Of A Man Falling In Love

We all dream of meeting that special someone and falling in love. It’s the stuff romantic flicks and Disney movies are made of. You meet your Prince Charming, fall in love at first sight, and live happily ever after. It looks so easy, but in real life, falling in love isn’t always such a smooth road. You may wonder how falling in love will happen for you. While every couple falls in love at their own pace and in their own way, there are fifteen brutally honest phases in the journey to your happily ever after for a man. Men aren’t so great at expressing their feelings so you’re not really going to get any answers out of him. Especially when it comes to falling in love because often times falling in love leaves a man completely vulnerable and that is fighting for him. If you wonder what the man you are falling in love with is going through, but aren’t getting anywhere with asking him then please read on for the answers you so desperately want!

By Lilit M

The Physical Attraction Phase

There’s no denying physical appearance plays a part in love. It may be a sexy smile, long legs, or curvy hips, but something on the surface will attract a man initially. If there is no physical attraction, love will never have a chance to bloom. This is also when you two ignite that spark that evolves into chemistry. Unfortunately, we’re shallow beings, and the outer appearance is what starts us on the journey to falling in love. In this phase, men aren’t interested in you as a person to be honest. It’s all about the superficial aspects in this necessary stage. When he sees a girl for the first time she’ll have to catch his eye before he puts in the effort to approach her. He’ll ask her simple questions in an effort to get to know her but in this stage he’s not very concerned with her history. What he’s really after is trying to seduce her!

The Friends Phase

Once you meet someone you’re attracted to, you start building a friendly bond. Any lasting relationship must include friendship. If you don’t like spending time with one another, your relationship will go nowhere fast. At this point of falling in love, you start learning surface things about one another. Your man will find out if you like comedies, or what your favorite television show is. He will know what your drink of choice is when you hang out together. These little factoids are the starting point for a future of love. If he’s putting in the effort to get to know you further after you’ve been intimate it’s a clear sign that he’s genuinely interested in you. In this phase he’ll want to spend more time with you and ask you to hang out with him and his friends. He wants to see how well you get along with the people in his life.

The Exploring Phase

It’s an unavoidable fact of the Internet age; online dating has opened up the dating pool. That expanded dating scene gives us access to more potential suitors that may be out there. At any given time, men are generally entertaining multiple women. We all want to find that perfect person who completes us, and that’s what the exploring phase is all about for them. A man is not going to cut off someone who could potentially be his soulmate too soon. It’s only when he finds someone who’s truly worth his attention that he narrows the dating field down. Once he finds someone that is worth his time and attention you’ll notice that his need to explore diminishes significantly. While he’s not completely ready to jump into a relationship just yet you’ll see him pulling away from other potential suitors and giving that one special girl more of his undivided attention.

The “Hunt is on” Phase

We all know men love a good chase. When a man’s decided he wants to pursue a woman worthy of his time, the chase begins, and he will actively “hunt” to win his prize, you. His goal in this stage is to earn your affection. He will do whatever he can. A man that wants you will make the effort to text or call you; he will ask you out on a date even if you turn him down. He’s going to put in a lot of effort during this phase for the girl he has his heart set on and he’s going to want to do whatever he can to make her his. During this phase the pray he’s after is the only thing on his mind and nothing can get in his way. Spending time concentrating on much else isn’t a concern for the active hunter at this point. When he wants you, you’ll definitely know it!

The First Date Phase

This may be the first meeting if you’re online dating, or it may be your first romantic outing. Whatever the situation, the first date is a big milestone on the road to love. It’s on this date you can see how well you connect and interact. If you haven’t spent that much time together, the first date is when you see if you can keep a good conversation going together. The first date is an exciting step to falling in love. This is where you to will have a better chance at getting to know more about each other’s past. If a man is attentive during this phase and seems to hang on to your every word you can bet he’s interested. He would not waste him time trying to listen if he wasn’t interested. This may also be the first time he gets to kiss you and hopefully make you weak in the knees.

The “I Like You More Than Friends” Phase

You’re physically attracted to one another. You’re enjoying dates together. Now comes the part of falling in love when your man starts thinking of you as more than just a friend. He’s always been attracted but now you’re becoming a definite dating potential. While he’s not ready to say goodbye to the single scene yet, this is the beginning of the end of that part of his life. Mr. Right is certainly wondering what a relationship with you could be and likes the potential he sees. This phase could be a little difficult for some guys because being in a relationship could be a frightening thought for him. If he’s falling in love with you there may be times he’ll pull away but he’s not doing it intentionally, he’s most likely terrified. Regardless of how uncomfortable this phase makes him if he truly is falling in love with you he can’t stay away long.

The Learning Phase

Once you start dating someone, you go beyond surface knowledge of one another. It’s in this phase you want to learn everything about this person. In the movies, this would be the time when a couple stays up talking all night. It may seem cliché, but you can’t seem to learn enough about each other. Sometimes it may be in the form of a rapid fire Q-and-A; it may be long meaningful talks about your past. No matter the form, when you start falling in love, you want to know everything about this special person. This is where you two will have deeper conversations and you’ll start to learn a lot more about what made him who he is today. He’ll most likely start opening up about the most painful memories from his past. He’ll also want you to open up about your past. In this phase you’re both completely vulnerable!

The Impression Phase

A man starting to fall in love wants to impress his woman. He wants you to know he’s worth your time as he feels you are deserving of his. This impression comes in many forms. He may send you flowers or little gifts. Dates will be planned so you see what he has to offer you. If you visit his place, he will have cleaned up, and he may even wow you with his cooking chops. Everything he does in this phase is to prove why he is a worthy mate. This is also the phase where he’ll start spending less time with his friends and more time with you. When a man starts spending less time with his friends and more time with the girl in his life it’s a clear sign he wants to please her and make sure she’s happy. Guys love their time with their friends so if he’s putting you ahead of that you can bet you’re the one!

The “Does She Love Me” Phase

Until this point, a man has worked hard to show he is interested in his woman. Now he wants to know she has strong feelings for him too. If a woman has followed common advice given for getting a man’s love, she probably has played hard to get. At this point, a man is developing stronger feelings for his woman and starts to worry she may not reciprocate those feelings. She may have already fallen in love; now it’s time she starts to show that love in little ways. When the woman he’s in love with doesn’t show that she feels the same way he’ll start pulling away from her. If the girl is in love with him at this point it’s best she start showing him that she’s in it for good or he will undoubtedly pull away. Often times we’re given the advice to play hard to get but if it’s not done in moderation he will leave, after all he does have an ego to protect.

The Decision Phase

The beginning of falling in love is mainly based on physical attraction. While a man does genuinely like the woman he’s pursuing, most of the emotions he’s feeling are still surface level. It’s at this point a man has to decide if there’s a real future here. He’ll imagine what it would be like to marry this woman and spend the rest of their lives together. When this stage is over, one of the two outcomes will result: he’ll decide she’s his future, or he’ll end the relationship before it even truly begins. This is why the way a woman behaves in the beginning of the relationship is so important. He wants to make sure the woman he’s going to spend the rest of his life with has admirable traits. If he doesn’t think you’ll make a great potential spouse or a good mother to his children this is where he’ll end the relationship.

The Cute Phase

Once a couple makes it through the decision phase, they’ll enter the next stage, and this is the very memorable cute phase. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being the third wheel to a newly formed couple, you know this stage all too well. This is when the pair will shower each other with affection, regardless of who they are with. Pet names and PDAs are common during this phase of falling in love. Friends of the couple may jokingly tell them to “get a room.” This is the lovely-dovey phase, and it is what we all think of when we think of being head over heels in love. He’ll be super attentive at this point and will put your comfort and happiness above everyone else’s, even including his. This is one of the best phases of falling in love so enjoy it!

The “I Love You” Phase

In the beginning few months of a relationship, the couple will start to fall deeply in love. The man will become protective of his woman, and he will be jealous when other men approach her or show her attention. He does not even notice that his feelings have shifted so quickly to being the protector of his beloved. During this phase, he may or may not speak those three magic words to his woman. Even if he does not say it, she can clearly tell that he loves her by his actions. If he’s being attentive and is doing everything he can to make sure you’re happy and content, he loves you. Often times women want to hear those three little words and you’ll wonder why he’s not saying it. Just give it time because just because he’s not saying it doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel it.

The First Fight Phase

Romance movies usually end when two people proclaim their love and don’t show the bumps along the way to their happily ever after. Fights are unavoidable in love. In fact, if a couple doesn’t fight, that’s a potential sign there is no passion between them. A huge step on the way to long-lasting love is the first fight, every couple has one. It may come a couple of months into the coupledom, or it may not crop up until years into the relationship but making it through the first fight is a huge milestone on the love journey. The first fight can be awfully traumatizing for the couple and how they handle it says a lot about what will become of the relationship. You will both learn how the other behaves when everything isn’t sunshine and daisies. If he truly cares for the girl he’ll do everything he can to put an end to the argument and compromise.

The Family Phase

Meeting the parents is a big step. Before this point, most couples aren’t considering the impact each other’s family will play in their life. Unless there’s no family in the picture, they’ll likely be a common ingredient in major events like holidays and birthdays. When a man meets his girlfriend’s family, he’ll see how she interacts with them. This may be the first time a man sees his woman in a maternal role especially if her family includes children. Jumping this hurdle is often one of the most nerve-racking events in a relationship. Guys aren’t so inclined to meet the girl’s parents if they aren’t head-over-heels in love with her, why would they go through all of that if they don’t see a future. If he’s made the effort to introduce you to his parents as his girlfriend you better believe the man is in love with you!

The Happily Ever After Phase

The last stage of falling in love is the happily ever after phase. This spans the remainder of a relationship, hopefully. During this stage, a man and woman will go through a lot, this is where he will really see how well you handle all types of situations that will be thrown your way. They may decide to move in together. If everything continues successfully, the man may propose to his woman. There also will be fights and struggles along the way. The important thing to remember is that the couple should go through things together, this is very normal. The way a man and woman handle what life throws at them determines their happiness and their strength as a couple. During this phase the most important thing a couple can do is communicate and compromise. If he’s in love with you he’ll make the effort to do both!

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15 Brutally Honest Phases Of A Man Falling In Love

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