13 Expectations Vs. Reality Of Married People

People everywhere always have an idea how of how things are meant to be. But most of the time, things never really work out that way. This can be for anything generally, but today we are going to talk about married life and love and all of that. We fall in love, and then we expect things always to be perfect, love to carry on and dreams to come true. But how often does that happen? So read on if you are engaged to be married and have a particular view in your mind of how it should be or already married and remembering how things don’t turn out the way you thought they would.

1. Weddings

Weddings always prove to be a huge thing, whether you like it or not. You can plan the wedding as detailed as you possibly can, as if you planned it since you were a kid, things never go exactly as they were planned. So no matter what happens regardless of how things go, a wedding is still a huge and important thing.

2. Men and Weddings

Almost every man has an idea how a wedding and why he actually would go to one, people always think there are many single and waiting women to meet someone. But is that always the case?

3. Living Together

Every couple cannot wait to love together with their space and nobody to bother them. But the problem with that is that as a couple, you become sluggish, and don’t look as s*xy as you thought you would…

4. Barbeques

With having your space, you can now have friends over as often as you would like. But because of the laziness sets in, you never look as awesome and as much as a party animal as a tempered house husband.

5. Home Alone Together

Finally living together and having space together as a couple is always expected to be relaxing and very home like. But unfortunately, being together all the time can become frustrating very quickly.

6. Time Apart

Sometimes being apart can become more and more and that leads to more fights, unfortunately. And it is never as fun as you would think it would be.

7. The Wife

After a long and hard day, you tend to miss your girl and can’t wait to get back to the woman you think is beautiful and s*xy and excited to see you. Except, in reality, she is probably just as tired as you…

Written by Bugler

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