12 Common Bug Bites And How To Recognize Each One

6. Fleas

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You’ll usually find these bites on your legs, as opposed to other areas of your body.

The reason why flea bites are easy to spot is because these pests will bite several times.

Their bites are itchier than your common mosquito bite and they’ll look and feel like small, hard red balls on your skin.

7. Red Ant

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Most ants are not poisonous, and the worst thing they can do is annoy you. But if you see a red ant, swipe off that pest immediately!

When they bite, these ants release a toxin that may cause allergic reactions.

The affected area will look pink and similar to a flea bite, but the difference is that ant stings cause instant pain.

8. Lice

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Lice is usually found on the head, but it can also appear on other hairy parts of the body.

Aside from the unbearable itch that they cause, their bites leave small red dots.

9. Horse-fly

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Horseflies have a nasty bite, so you’ll definitely notice when you get bitten.

They leave a large mark that causes swelling, which sometimes blisters. This painful bite can cause dizziness, and in rare cases, infections.

If you ever get bitten by a horse-fly, clean the area and apply an ice pack to soothe the area.

10. Bedbugs

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Bed bugs are a headache. If you get these bites in your home, then you’ll definitely have a big task ahead of you.

Bed beg bites are oftentimes mistaken as mosquito bites, but they’ll usually have a zigzagging pattern.

Other symptoms include redness, swelling, and puss.

11. Deer Flies

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Most flies wreak havoc by only buzzing around, but some of them can transmit diseases. Deer flies are one of them.

If you ever get bitten by one, you’ll definitely feel it. Their bites are extremely painful, causing red bumps.

Deer flies can transmit a disease known as rabbit fever. If you experience skin ulcers, fever or a headache right after you get bitten, see a doctor immediately.


Written by Bugler