12 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Should Know.

12 Amazing Psychology Facts Everyone Should Know.

Diving deep into the roots of our human mind, behavior, thoughts, and feelings is a wild and fascinating thing. There are some incredible facts that can lead you on the path of having a better understanding of yourself and others.

Here are 12 incredible psychology facts. Use them to learn something new and have fun.

1. Our brain does more creative work when we’re tired

It’s supposed to be the other way round, isn’t it? Not really. Research shows that overworking your brain can spark ideas. When we are tired, we tend to relax; we don’t control our thoughts. We let our minds wander. That’s why we come up with great ideas. Out of nowhere.

Get tired and release all your creativity!

 2. We ignore the ones who adore us & pay attention to those who ignore us

We seem to be magnetically pulled by people who don’t give us a bit of their attention. Moreover, we get obsessed with them. A common fact.

People want to have what they can’t have. A study showed that rejection is connected to motivation, reward, and addiction.

Isn’t it ironic?

3. Our decisions are more rational when thought in another language

When we need to decide on something, we involve our feelings there. It seems like we can’t escape it. Therefore, we are more likely to feel negative emotions that affect our rational thinking.

Thinking in another language brings more logic as we put our feelings aside.

Go ahead, learn a new language and enjoy the process of thinking. Make a better decision.

 4. How we treat a waiter reveals a lot about our character

“The waiter rule.” We have all been in a situation to see waiters being attacked by some people’s inappropriate behavior.

Experts say that we should never trust people who are rude to waiters because the way they treat restaurant staff reveals their true character.

Do you follow this rule? Do you judge people’s character by the way they treat waiters?

5. Doing things that scare us will make us happier

This is one of the secrets to happiness. The more you dare to leave your comfort zone and try new, exciting, scary, uncomfortable things, the more you boost yourself with confidence. And you feel happy about it.

Psychology says that fear is fun.

Challenge yourself! Dare to do it.

6. If we talk about our goals, we are less likely to succeed

If you want to succeed, don’t tell anyone- that is the advice of experts. Setting your goals is a huge step. When you talk about them you think about the future-not present. Therefore, you might feel under pressure.
That’s right. Set your goals, don’t give them a voice, keep them as your secret.

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