11 Ridiculous Pictures That’ll Give You A Deadly Dose Of Dirty Humor


Life becomes a lot more easier when you have a dirty mind. For example, you see somebody using a tongue cleaner, you do the math yourself and have a good laugh!(well I do). But sometimes, dirty humor comes right at you in the form of most ridiculous pictures!

Here are 11 such ridiculous pictures that is sure to give you a deadly dose of DIRTY HUMOR!

1. Besties.

One should be careful while crossing your legs during a picture you never know when you fall into such awkward positions!



2. Let Me Go Girl!.

Speaking of ridiculous pictures, this one is surely one awkward picture!


3. Bathing selfie.

You have a dirty dirty mind if you think WTF before you see the picture close enough!


4. Lion King Returns.

Who knew animated pictures could be so much fun!


5. Bugs Bunny.

These balloons should be banned, like right now!


6. Sand Models.

Dude if you are posing on a nude sand model make sure you are doing it in such a way that doesn’t involve giving us a dose of dirty humor!


7. Let’s get trashy!

Having a nice time are we?


8. Sausage Toss!

I’m pretty sure this is not what you and I are thinking it is!

9. Holiday photos.

In the list of most ridiculous pictures, you both win it all!



10. Awkward alert!

Sometimes “angle” is very important to get the right picture, but that’s not happened here!


11.  Sneak a peak.

Slow down laddie you’ll have your turn when you grow up!






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